High precision

The flat bed label die cutting machine is configured with triple photoelectric eyes for label positioning, material feeding system controlled by computer and high precision flat die cutting system.

Easy operation

It can finish the die cutting, waste rewinding and finished product rewinding in one process.

Wide range of applications

Our flat bed label die cutting machine is especially suitable for die cutting of adhesive label, Dacron label, hologram label and so on. This product is the ideal associated equipment for the flexo printing machine, silk screen printing machine, gravure printing machine and hologram mark printing machine. Moreover, it is the most efficient machine for printing house.

Main Technical Specification

Technical details

PNG-AHFSDC-Config-1PNG-AHFSDC-Config-2 aPNG-AHFSDC-Config-3 aDie cutting is a manufacturing process used to make multiples of the same item or shape from a variety of materials. Our machines are able to die cut many different substrates such as: polystyrene, rigid PVC(vinyl), expanded PVC (Sintra®), corrugated plastics, paper card stocks, paper boards, foams, rubber and paint masking materials.  The process involves using a steel rule die cutting technique, and is sometimes thought of as a “cookie cutter” die.

The dies are constructed out of a flat base, which is usually made out of high-grade and high-density plywood. The plywood is typically composed of hardwoods, such as maple, and is free from voids or other imperfections. Some special dies may require aluminum or steel substrates. The die-maker uses a laser cutter to cut precisely positioned slots into the substrate. The steel rule itself is essentially a thick razor blade made out of hardened steel. The die-maker bends the steel rule and positions it into the slots in the die base.

The final step in creating the die involves the addition of ejection rubber. Rubber pads are adhered to the die base to help eject the material off the steel rules after it is cut. Without the inclusion of ejection rubber, the material may get stuck to the steel rules.

The die is attached to the top moving plate of the machine, that will provide the force required to cut the job. The material to be cut is positioned below the die, with very accurated re-register control and then the press is activated, the steel rules cut only the label material and not the liner (so called kiss die-cutting, see photo bellow) .

Kiss vs Tag Cutting (Cut Through)

Kiss Die-Cutting (only label material) vs Tag Die-Cutting (cutting both label material and liner)