LFS 420 DDC from Sergio on Vimeo.

Digital Die-Cutting Labels

Certification: CE
Max. Feeding width: 420 mm
Min. Feeding width: 80 mm
Max. cutting width: 330 mm
Min. cutting length: 300 mm
Max. cutting straightline speed: 0-960 mm/s
Max. cutting curveline speed: 600 mm/s
Servo motor: Servo controlling system
Motor power: 25 watt
Motor speed: 0-3500 RPM
Pressure: 0-750 g (3g/step)
CPU: 64bit DSP 32MFlash
Machine precision: 0.01254 mm/pulse
Repeated repeated: 0.082 mm
PositionaI Accuracy: 0.1-0.3 mm
Net Weight: 80 KG
Dimension (LxWxH): 98 x 71 x 46 cm
Packaging: Wooden case
Wooden case dim (LxWxH): 114 x 81 x 70 cm
Gross Weight: 110 Kg
Ambient temperature: 5-35 degrees.

1. Design and coordinate are printed or air brushed at the same time through software;
2. Adopt imported precision cutting blade;
3. Standard configuration: Automatic coil feeder, Automatic stacker;
4. The lightweight aircraft, the use of simple, applicable to small batch production and laboratory operations;
5. Germany imported accurate positioning system, which can detect the pre-printed positioning of the marking points on the image file and accomplish accurate cutting;
6. Unique automatic paper carriage ensures accurate feeding capacity;
7. Advanced high speed Spindle Servo System make the cutting stable, quite and fast;
8. Automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic rolling-up;
9. Contour cutting is performed automatically;